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FRISCO, TX (February 22, 2013) — The Clark Financial Group originated in 1982 when Dr. William R. Clark (“Dr. Bill”) began providing individual financial planning and consultation services in concert with various banks and insurance companies.  Bill’s training and experience focused on financial planning and insurance products and services. This helped individuals protect their earnings and help protect their futures. Throughout his early career, Dr. Bill’s passion for people, especially those planning for their advanced years, drew him toward an expertise in retirement planning.

As changes in the financial industry loomed in the early 2000s, Dr. Bill saw an opportunity to expand his personal financial planning offerings and incorporated Clark Financial Group, Inc. in 2004.  This new company focused sharply on retirement and pre-retirement financial planning.

The Clark Financial Group team noted a shift in market attitudes with more delaying retirement. Many of Clark Financial Group’s customers today tend to be weary of investing, but still need advice, regardless of whether they are more conservative or aggressive in their financial planning strategies.  Clark Financial Group began expanding its services to meet this demand and their facilities had to grow, as well.

Starting in a single executive suite in 2004, Clark Financial Group quickly outgrew its space. In 2006 the firm purchased the first of two business condos in Frisco, Texas.  Less than 2 years later, Clark Financial Group purchased a second unit to meet space demands.  Today, Clark Financial Group’s primary office is located in a new office building in Frisco, Texas.  The firm currently has four office locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

While adding space to accommodate growth is exciting, Dr. Bill and his team continue to research new products, services and trends in retirement and pre-retirement financial planning.  Clark Financial Group added annuities, life insurance products, managed money services and earned its license as a registered investment advisor.  Today, Clark Financial Group and it’s associate firm, CFG Advisors, LLC, is a full-service financial planning, retirement and pre-retirement planning company working with industry leaders such as Global Financial Partners, Fidelity Investments and TD Ameritrade, among others. Clark Financial Group is also the sole financial advisor for two of the areas most dedicated CPA firms.

Paramount to Dr. Bill’s core beliefs throughout the growth of Clark Financial Group is his dedication to his clients…you and your family.  The principles of individual care and concern extend into every area of Clark Financial Group, its services, products, consultants and staff. We hope to serve you and your family, now and for generations to come.

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