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Dinner Seminars

Current Topic:  Can you Afford a 50% Tax Penalty on your IRA after age 70-1/2?

If you’re at or near retirement age, you’ll soon have to pay taxes on your IRAs and other tax-deferred savings accounts.  Taxes on RMD’s can be a major financial burden…unless you know how to protest yourself.  Learn simple strategies that could save you thousands?

Dates & Locations:

Silver Fox Steakhouse, MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND (This is open to first time attendees only.)

Thursday, March 10th & Tuesday, March 15th @ 6:30 PM

Rejuvenate Your Retirement

This education course for retirees will teach:

  • How to plan your retirement income to preserve a comfortable lifestyle
  • Strategies designed to increase Social Security Benefits
  • How to align your investments with YOUR attitudes, risk tolerance and objectives
  • How to evaluate and plan for health care, long-term care, and end of life decisions
  • How to maximize tax efficiency of withdrawals from mutual funds and IRAs

Each session is 4 hours in length but, we divide it into 2 hour sessions on 2 separate days.  There is a $39 fee to cover the cost of the 143 page workbook, however, your spouse can attend for free if you share the workbook.  Registration and pre-payment are required to attend these courses.

Dates & Locations:

Nothing scheduled at this time.

Turning 65

This workshop will show you:

  • Strategies designed to increase Social Security Benefits
  • The “ins and outs” of signing up for Medicare
  • Discuss the difference between Medicare Suppliment Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Explain why the different plan costs are so drastically different.


March 8th @ 7:00 PM
March 10th @ 11:00 AM

April 5th @ 7:00 PM
April 7th @ 11:00 AM

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